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Couples Counselor

Cynthia Van Wingerden, PhD, RN

Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Certified Life Coach

Within driving distance of Ware Shoals

For couples who are seeking to grow their marriage in positive ways, I use a model that incorporates 8 principles for strengthening and refining marriages that are NOT facing significant problems. This is not marriage counseling, as much as it is coaching for healthy joyous living together. Another feature of couples counseling is to work with couples who are facing challenges with parenting.

Couples Counselor

Stephen Ellis, Ph.D

Licensed Christian Counselor

Within driving distance of Ware Shoals

Couples counseling can include pre-marriage counseling where the couple will be given a clear Biblical understanding of God's design for marriage. Topics that will be covered include communication, faith, family issues, finances, and the physical. Also included is the use of the temperament profile which gives couples the basic reasons why they do what they do.

Couples Counselor

Andrew Johnston, MDiv, MA, LPCI


Within driving distance of Ware Shoals

My approach to couples counseling combines three of the most popular current methods of relationship counseling. All three begin with simple techniques and education in order to help couples decrease tension and bitterness, if it exists. We then, in a non-judgmental environment, explore ways to develop a deeper bond of trust. When couples can deeply trust one another, it becomes much easier to develop habits of love and appreciation in the relationship.

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Ware Shoals is a city that is located in multiple counties- Greenwood County and Laurens County and Abbeville County in South Carolina. It has a land area of 3.89 square miles and a water area of 0.09 square miles.  The population of Ware Shoals is 2,175 people with 937 households and a median annual income of $27,468. .

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