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  • Board Certified licensed clinical Pastoral counselor
  • 1619 Old Pelzer Road, Piedmont, South Carolina, 29673
  • Phone: 8645617729
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  • Session Fees: Our fees operate on a sliding scale making our services affordable for everyone. Finances will not prevent healing. Call today for an appointment!
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 What We Offer
• Marriage and Family Therapy
• Substance Abuse and Addictions Therapy
• Individual Counseling
• Adventure Therapy
• Premarital Counseling
• Child and Adolescent Therapy
• Temperament Therapy
• Life Coaching
• Grief and Loss Counseling
• Abortion Crisis Counseling
About Us 
      New Creations Counseling Center provides Christian counseling in a confidential, personal environment that approaches every person as a uniquely gifted and cherished creation of God. New Creations Counseling Center began when God called Dr. Ezekiel Parro to provide affordable, professional, Biblical counseling to individuals and families who are in need of soul care. Clients will benefit by understanding God’s design for their life and that problems occur when things get out of design. Clients will learn how to apply Biblical principles partnered with both physical and mental health research to their thought processes. Right thinking produces right behavior which results in right living in God’s design. New Creations Counseling Center of Oak Crest Baptist Church in Greenville South Carolina is pleased to announce their second year anniversary of providing counseling services to the people of the upstate. Dr. Ezekiel Parro's approach to the Spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of the people that he sees is believed to be what really makes the difference. Having a success rate of 80% after completing school in 2016 sets New Creations Counseling Center apart from others. The key to helping people according to Dr. Parro is by addressing the person in their entire being. According to 1 Thessalonians 5:23, the Bible teaches that human beings are made of body, soul, and spirit. Dr. Parro believes that the greatest need of anyone lies within their spirit, and that this need is the need of salvation through Jesus Christ. 
   Dr. Parro also believes that the body has needs as well that can be met through proper dieting, sleep, exercise, supplements, and that sometimes prescription medications are needed. The soul is also comprised of three components being the mind, will, and emotions. New Creations Counseling Center places a heavy emphasis on positive social support systems and balance of work, rest, and recreation to meet needs in this area. Although every person is a unique and cherished creation of God, God has a special plan for everyone's life. The key to finding joy and peace in life comes by having a relationship with Christ and living a life of full surrender to Him. Please call today for an appointment. 864-561-7729. 
Ministry Partners
•Proactive Parenting Iniative
•Open Door Biblical Counseling Center

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