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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process by which web pages and websites are optimized for top placement in major search engines. Whenever you go to Google, Yahoo, MSN, or any other search page, and enter a search term, the websites that come up at the top of the list are the ones that have the best SEO. Take for example the search term "new computer." Imagine how many thousands of companies and stores sell new computers. Now consider someone who types "new computer" into Google. There is only room for 8 results on that first page of Google. Tens of thousands of people each month type "new computer" into Google, and the same 8 websites come up every time! Wow! That is powerful advertising. So you can imagine the need for SEO is huge in every major industry. High profile SEO consultants can make on the order of thousands of dollars for just a few hours of work, more than even a high powered attorney. It is a huge business.

Theravive and SEO

Theravive has, as one of its objectives, a continuing push for optimal SEO. We work daily to fine tune and optimize our site for higher rankings across a broad spectrum of keywords. For example, we associate terms such as <city> + "marriage counseling" or "counselling" + <city> among numerous others, and optimize our pages to propel them up in rankings on major search engines such as Google. You can see one optimized city: Langley, BC. Go to google and type "Langley counseling", or "counselling langley", or "langley counsellor"...for all of these terms, Theravive comes up on the first page of Google, near the top. For the nearly 100,000 people who live in Langley, any of those people who need counseling that turn to the internet to find someone, will most likely come across Theravive.

What About Cities that Do Not Exist?

Theravive is a growing site. When a counselor requests to be listed with us, if his or her local area is not listed, we create a city for that counselor, and begin the optimization process.

How Long does SEO Take ?

SEO is always a dynamic process, it is never static. Search engines are always crawling the web and "re-shuffling" their results (Google calls it the "Google dance"). Staying at the top means non-stop fine tuning, which we do routinely. From the time you optimize a page, to the time you see its results on Google or other search engines, there is no standard. It could be as little as 2 weeks, or as long as several months. On average, we usually see positive results within 2-3 months after making adjustments.


If you have any questions, please e-mail or call us at 604-626-1329 (Canada), or 360-350-8627 (United States)

Counselors and Therapists Sign Up Form

*If your city is not currently listed, it will be created for you upon signup.


Learn more about the possibilities of e-counselling


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