Waitlist for Closed Cities On Theravive

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- Thomas Aquinas

Cities on Theravive are 100% limited in space. We are an exclusive directory.

If your city is closed, please email us at contact@theravive.com with your name, and desired city and we will put you on our wait list.

Every other directory we know of accepts an unlimited number of therapists. For example, Psychology Today has over 1100 therapists listed in New York City alone, all paying hefty monthly fees. How does a therapist listed on page 50 of a massive directory get clients? You will hardly get noticed if you are simply one out of a thousand other therapists.

Unlike Psychology Today and other directories, we are all about bringing you clients, rather than making profits. Because of our commitment to bringing you clients, we impose strict limits on the number of therapists who can sign up in any city.

By limiting therapists on our site, client contacts are richer and more concentrated meaning a more active practice for you.  Lets say 20 potential clients visit our Vancouver page in a day representing 20 client contacts. We’d rather have 10 therapists get 2 client referrals than 30 therapists get one or none. As a result, we put strict limits on how many therapists we allow to sign up in each city. For example, Halifax is limited to 10 therapists only. Once 10 therapists sign up for Halifax, we will close it down to new sign-ups

We will only open new slots in a city when either a therapist leaves, or if significantly increased client volume justifies a new slot opening.


Our Email: contact@theravive.com