Arthur Wenk, Certified by OACCPP and EMDRIA

Theravive Counseling

Papers written by Arthur Wenk

Treating the Governess in Henry James' The Turn of the Screw
The Story of My Life
Neuroscience and the Gender Fallacy
Making Marriage Work
Introduction to EMDR
Emerging From Childhood Sexual Abuse
Treating Depression
The Prevalence of Trauma
Getting to the Root of Anxiety
Restoring Self Esteem
Under Attack: Learning to Set Boundaries
Trauma and Healing In Cria Cuervos
Separation, Divorce and Grief
How Can I Help? Emotional First Aid for Non-Professionals
Guides to Managing Adult ADD
What’s Your Communication Type?
Using Desensitization to Treat Anxiety
The Path to Inner Peace
The Brain Science Behind Psychotherapy

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