Aisha Armstrong, M.S.

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Are you sad, overwhelmed, or having persistent difficulties in your relationships with others? Let us work together to get you to a place of optimal functioning. My approach to psychotherapy is one of collaboration and supportive challenge. I actively work with others to help them meet their therapeutic and life goals, and help them move towards lasting change. I am committed to building a strong therapeutic alliance with my clients, and strive to provide a safe space for working through individual and relational issues.

I enjoy working with adolescents and adults on issues related to interpersonal conflict, depression, anxiety, identifying and building coping skills, life transitions, and a variety of other presenting concerns. In addition to therapy, I also provide psychometric testing and workshops for universities, churches, and community organizations.  

I have experience and enjoy working with young adults and immigrant populations (international students, and others having difficulty with transitions related to migrating to the United States). I utilize an integrated approach to therapy, and interventions are tailored to clients’ specific concerns and therapeutic goals.  

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