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Alex is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor practicing in St. Petersburg (South Pasadena). He has been a practicing clinician for over seventeen years, and has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families on a broad range of issues.

Alex's approach toward individual counseling consists of, first, understanding what a client is going through and what he or she wants to accomplish; and, second, providing the client with the observations and tools that can address and resolve the factors that had been contributing to or maintaining the problem or problems.

His approach toward marital (couples counseling) and family therapy is similar, but with emphasis on the roles played by communication and system/group dynamics. For example, it is fairly common for people to believe they are communicating when, as far as their partner or family is concerned, it turns out they have actually been miscommunicating or non-communicating. Naturally, such a situation can result in confusion, misunderstanding, and hurt feelings.

Addressing these issues and concerns in a safe environment with a professional counselor who is skilled and experienced in these processes can be beneficial and healing.

Alex also offers Unblocking and Traumatic Incident Reduction, two procedures that are quite effective in facilitating a person's discovery and release of the sources of unwanted chronic psychological difficulties (e.g. problematic behaviors, emotions, sensations, attitudes, and pains).

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