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Alex is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and earned a Masters in Family Therapy from Friends University of Wichita and Lenexa, Kansas.  He is passionate about the systemic training he received at Friend's University, and this is the reason he chose this relational Vs. individual focus of counseling.  His training included over 250 hours of family therapy, with more than one family member present.  This hands on requirement of more than one person in the therapy room is somewhat unique in masters programs, and affords the student the experience of learning how to deal with patterns of behavior that often do not reveal themselves unless the therapist is able to "observe" them personally.  Speaking to a couple individually about the problem, often reveals two very different perspective.  Seeing the problem interacted before the therapist reveals a more objective reality that can often be explored in "real" time. 

Alex was raised on a farm, earned four year degree in Business Administration, and enjoyed a career as a sales professional in the computer industry.  His life experience includes marriage, divorce, and remarriage.  He is currently a part of a successful blended family.  He has experienced the lost of a brother 27 years ago, and loss both of his parents in the past 10 years.  He feels his life experience weighs equally with the outstanding  training he received at Friends University.

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