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Allentown Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) in Orefield, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for male and female patients age 18 and older who have been struggling with symptoms of opioid addiction. Offering individualized outpatient addiction treatment, our Orefield treatment center provides patients with the FDA-approved medications methadone and Suboxone to manage withdrawal symptoms and the overwhelming cravings that can lead to relapse. By avoiding the physical discomfort that comes from opioid withdrawal, patients can turn their attention to therapies that address the causes and effects of addiction.
Allentown CTC is more than just a standard methadone clinic. In addition to medications that reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, we employ an evidence-based MAT program to supervise patients’ progress. We also offer counseling to provide patients with the tools they need to break free from opioid addiction. The medications we offer at Allentown CTC affect patients differently. Therefore, our trained professional team closely monitors patients to ensure that they see the full benefits of their treatment, keeping them motivated to stay committed to their treatment plan.
Additionally, Allentown CTC offers patients therapeutic interventions to maintain their commitment to ending an opioid addiction. Patients in individual counseling can fully realize the impact opioid addiction has had on their lives and the underlying causes that led to dependency. In addition, patients can attend group therapy to share their struggles and achievements with those who understand their experiences and can help them see what factors might be holding them back from recovery. This dynamic pairing of therapies and medication to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings provides patients with a fully developed addiction treatment program that offers lasting results. The professional staff at Allentown CTC simplifies the road to recovery by offering a straightforward process for admission to our MAT program. Patients first meet with a team member for their intake appointment, where they discuss their history with opioids and any previous treatment. Then they undergo a physical exam, a drug test, and TB testing. After all the necessary information has been gathered, patients receive a customized treatment plan that provides them with a road map to recovery from an addiction to heroin, prescription painkillers, or other opioids.
Allentown CTC understands the challenges patients face when they’re ready to overcome opioid addiction. Our outpatient addiction treatment center uses highly researched medications and therapies to help patients battle opioid addiction and begin their journey to recovery.

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