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Unlock your mind--Heal your past. 
I am a trauma specialist who loves supporting adult children of emotionally immature parents, people in their 20s navigating early adulthood, and college students.

My Specialties:
  • EMDR for trauma and PTSD
  • Overcoming depression and anxiety
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Recovering from abuse (physical, sexual, emotional)
  • Dealing with emotionally immature parents

My Practice Details:
I work at Cultivate Therapy in Jersey City, New JerseyI see clients in our office by the Journal Sq PATH I provide virtual sessions to clients across NY and NJ  

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Cost of Care:
  • $200 session fee, but most clients pay $50-$90/session net after meeting their deductible
  • We handle the insurance:  We're experts in out of network coverage and we'll check your benefits, explain how they works, provide a cost estimate, get your approval, and submit claims.  You'll get reimbursement checks in the mail according to your health insurance plan.

Full Bio:
At the start of my career I worked with individuals recovering from substance abuse and individuals with persistent, prolonged mental health concerns. In working with these populations I began to recognize the link between trauma, adverse early life experiences, and behaviors my client's were struggling with including substance use and difficulty within their relationships. At the intersection of individuals struggling with trauma, symptoms of anxiety or depression are individuals trained to discount their feelings, spending a lot of time feeling hurt, isolated, and selfish if they put their needs on an equal playing field. 
Often individuals struggle with continuously being activated by unhealed memories from painful life experiences whether they are consciously or unconsciously aware of this process. When these memory networks continue to be activated in this way, individuals can have a difficult time recognizing whether the emotions or distressing body sensations are occurring due to present life circumstances or are being triggered from previous painful experiences. 
This influenced my passion for EMDR as EMDR accelerates the brain's innate ability to heal and the traumatic event ceases to intrude in an unwanted way to into our consciousness.

I consider myself an integrative psychotherapist integrating somatic, and relational modalities to help clients develop insight along with an increased ability to cope, and to build connections between the physical body and psychological mind. My treatment approach consists of helping clients identify any unhealed memory networks causing distressing symptoms such as flashbacks, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, fear or panic and helping process these memories utilizing EMDR. EMDR works by stimulating parts of the brain to fully process these experiences. After activating the brains self healing process using EMDR, these memory networks are no longer activated in the same way, which can lead to increased clarity and a decrease in symptoms once associated with the old emotional experiences.
Populations I enjoy working with include individuals healing from sexual or emotional abuse, perfectionism, self-doubt, those who grew up with emotionally immature parents who lacked self-reflection or accountability, complex trauma, and narcissistic abuse. 

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