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Welcome to Thrive!

Do you know that feeling when you and your spouse or partner have just had another argument and your stomach is in knots? Or, things are just so flat and disconnected as you sit through another silent night on the couch while one of you flips channels and the other works? Though it isn’t what you want, you start to wonder if splitting up is your only choice.

You know that something has to change, but every time you try to work on the relationship, another argument erupts or you end up feeling so misunderstood.

You don’t have to fight this fight alone any more.

Here at Thrive Couple and Family Counseling, we will stand by your sides and fight to help you go from discouragement and uncertainty to repair, closeness and security.

We use cutting-edge Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), which is the most successful, research-based map and method of improving relationships.

There are no band-aids in our couples therapy because we never want you to be in this painful place again. We get to the root of your negative communication cycles, help you understand each other better, and learn to reconnect in ways that bring closeness, intimacy and love back into your relationship.

If your partner won’t come with you, or you want a place to work through your own feelings and experiences, we can help you to find clarity and begin to make changes on your side to improve your relationship.

We help couples repair and reconnect through the following challenges:

  • Communication issues – conflict, snowballing arguments, feeling misunderstood, problem avoidance
  • Relationship on the brink – contemplating divorce, one foot out the door, ambivalence
  • Trust issues – infidelity, secrets, anxiety or insecurity about commitment
  • Addictions – maintaining sobriety, repairing from damage, building a strong foundation together
  • Sexual issues – infrequent or no sex, desire imbalances, trauma histories, wanting more from sex
  • Family issues- parenting conflict, in-law or extended family difficulties, religious conflicts
  • Transitions – pre-commitment, pre-marital, newlyweds, becoming parents, empty nest
  • Common couple conflicts – finances, sex, responsibilities, work/life balance
  • Major life stress – deaths, career changes or job loss, health challenges, moving

We also love helping couples who just want to be proactive and build a solid foundation together! Whether you are premarital or dating, or want to keep your relationship going strong, we can help you dig deeper, grow closer, learn more about each other, and strengthen your bond.

We are LGBTQ* affirmative and care deeply about providing a welcoming and safe environment for all couples. 

Convenient online scheduling. Day, evening and Saturday appointments. Call or schedule online today! 

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