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Over the 25 years of being a social worker I have often been told by others that therapy doesn't work for them.  The top five reasons when I inquire why they felt this way, the most common answer was "I had a bad experience in the past because I don't feel the therapist understood me."  My response is often "therapy is like shopping for shoes, you need to try different types on before you really find the right fit."  I offer a non judgmental, safe place to be open and honest about whatever has brought you through the door.  Secondly, people avoid therapy because they don't know what to say or don't want to talk about their feelings.  I appreciate the courage it took for you to reach out to a stranger for help at the most vulnerable time in your life, so when you come to see me you will notice I have passion for what I do which can be observed through my energy and interest in what you're sharing during therapy.  Thirdly, individuals or couples don't want to attend therapy due to the financial and commitment issues.  If you think of it as a weight loss program or running a marathon, you have to put in hours of training and money to get to your end goal.  This is very similar when attending therapy by structuring the therapy we are working towards a final session.  Another reason for not seeking counseling, the person doesn't want to be seen as crazy or judged by others.  My goal as a therapist is to normalize what you're experiencing while building coping strategies and learning effective interperonsal skills to manage the situations you're struggling with.  Finally, many people don't want to bring up the past because it is scary or too painful.  Together we can develop a better understanding of what triggers the uncomfortable emotions, work towards your goals, and feel confident with your transformation.

I am a Registered Master's Social Worker starting my career with the population of children and adolescents.  Over the years my career branched out to working with high risk transitional age youth, and then individual counseling with youth living with a mental illness.  While working with youth my experience transformed to working with the family system, the whole unit that informs the individual. I will acknowledge and validate the client's perspective, allow them to grow from learning through making mistakes, and giving them the knowledge of how to accept the things they cannot change and to change the things they can control.  I have also had experience of listening, giving sound advise, and constructive problem solving with the adult population.
I think it is important as a clinician to be accountable to your own growth and development; thereby, attending trainings and seminars to enhance in my clinical skills allows me to be equipped at asking the appropriate questions and providing experienced advice.
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