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  • Heights Family Counseling San Antonio
  • 300 Austin Hwy Suite 100, Alamo Heights, Texas, 78209
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  • Phone: 210-750-3148
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  • Session Fees: Fees range depending on counselor licensure and experience level but ranges from $125-$195.

As counselors, we understand the bravery it takes to be completely vulnerable with another individual. Our role in the counseling room is to meet you right where you are with respect, compassion, and non-judgment. We find it a privilege to journey with a client.
There is something empowering about feeling completely seen and heard and being met with empathy and understanding. Our approach is warm and down-to-earth, meeting each client with compassion and support. Our expertise is working with individuals experiencing life stressors, including determining values and finding meaning and purpose in life, work-life balance, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, parenthood, family stress, and the ending of a relationship. We believe we all have a reason for how we got to where we are in life. The narratives we tell ourselves shape our identities. Our approach is to help you understand new perspectives, gain control of your life, and envision a new future.
We have a special interest in helping people with burnout, unhealthy self-esteem, and perfectionism tendencies. These issues reinforce anxiety and depression and directly affect school and work performance, sleep routines, relationships, and overall happiness. We have training in treating anxiety and specialize in treating generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, separation anxiety, trauma, and medication-induced anxiety disorders in kids and adults.  
 Relationships are such an important part of our life. When going well, they provide love, support, and mutual happiness. When relationships struggle, sometimes it seems like everything in our life is struggling. We have a relaxed style when working with couples. We find it a privilege to enter a couple's personal and private world in order to change negative cycles and help to understand each other's perspectives. Together, we find a way to strengthen the relationship, speak each other's love language, heal through past pains, thrive through conflict, build mutual admiration and friendship, and communicate more effectively. We believe that every couple has the ability to work towards a loving and fulfilling relationship. In order to introduce change in your relationship, we use a variety of therapeutic modalities, including Gottman Couples Therapy, PACT Couples Therapy, IMAGO Relationship Therapy, Solution Focused, and other attachment-based theories, such as Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. 

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