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I teach individuals, couples, and parents of children between the ages of 6 – 18 the tools and strategies that work with today’s families to

  • communicate effectively and easily,
  • equip you for any discipline challenge,
  • lower stress by getting your family working as a team – as well as
  • overcome guilt, anxiety and depression.     You CAN create family harmony!

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I can help you to rediscover your own ability to effectively…

  • Eliminate nagging and fighting with your kids
  • Reconnect and end tension at home
  • Improve sibling relationships
  • Boost your children’s self confidence
  • Increase respect and consideration for one another (and yourselves)
  • Talk so your kids can really hear you
  • Reduce anxiety that makes it hard to enjoy being a parent
  • Improve your moods and put an end to feeling so down
  • Improve communication with your spouse
  • Be prepared for any parenting challenge
  • Be consistent in discipline and learn to follow through
  • Reduce and overcome stress
  • Enjoy work/home balance
  • Feel confident and relaxed

Parents I have worked with have often told me that they felt a great sense of relief after seeking help for their family challenges. They appreciate the customized, respectful approach and the sense of empowerment that comes from having effective tools in their back pockets.

And sometimes being an effective parent means taking care of yourself.  If you're frustrated, anxious, feeling down and worn out, I can help.  We'll work together to get you feeling confident, calm, and capable...the best possible version of yourself.

What makes working with me different is my training and expertise in both therapy and parenting theory, which allows me to help you develop effective tools for overcoming parenting challenges.  These are tools that you’ll feel both confident and positive using in your home. And through the use of a specific, proven system for gaining client feedback about the direction and progress of our work together, you will remain "in charge" of the sessions and able to direct our focus on the issues that matter most to you.

Do you have extended health care coverage or benefits? You may be able to use your insurance to have the cost of our sessions covered.  I can give you more details during our first session.

To take the first step in regaining control at home, contact me for more information, or to not waste another minute, call to book an appointment for a time that’s good for you – day or evening. Today is the day to try something different and get back to enjoying being home.

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