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Are you wanting to overcome what is standing in the way of making meaningful changes? Has life became overwhelming and complicated? Have you or a loved one had a change in behavior, significant life change, feeling angry, sad, or anxious?



Andrea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with adolescents, adults, couples and families. Andrea is passionate about helping clients create a balanced and more fulfilling life.  Andrea graduated from California State University of Long Beach with her Masters in Social Work.  Andrea has over 15 years’ experience working with individuals on government programs.  She has worked with clients that survived intimate partner violence and are putting the pieces of their lives back together. Currently, Andrea specializes in working with veterans and their families. She comes to her sessions as a therapist with compassion, warmth, humor, and honesty. Andrea uses a down-to-earth approach in a caring, non-judgmental and safe environment.




Being able to have meaningful relationships in your life takes effort and can make a difference in the difficult situations that you may face during a lifetime. Sometimes the experiences from our past makes it hard to trust and communicate with our loved ones. Your past and present environmental stressors and relationships can shape who you are today.  These past environmental stressors and relationships can create feelings of depression and anxiety. With therapy, you can find those strengths that you already have and bring them to light in order to change your quality of life for the better.




Andrea uses a client centered approach. Her therapeutic approach derives from the Cognitive-Behavioral aspect of therapy. With this approach she helps clients connect their thoughts and feelings with their behaviors to identify ways to change their actions into a positive and productive results.





Andrea is deeply passionate about facilitating her client’s journeys toward greater authenticity, connection, and fulfillment. Her services are offered in a private practice setting, where clients can expect a tailored and individualized therapeutic experience. An essential part of any effective therapeutic relationship is a genuine connection between you and the therapist.


If you think Andrea might be a good fit for you or your family, please give her a call to schedule an appointment. Weekend and evening hours are available.



Andrea accepts IEHP, cash, check, major credit cards, or PayPal.  Andrea also accepts most PPO's and can provide a super bill.  Packages are also available, up to $200 Savings for Individual Therapy, $215 for Families/Couples Therapy



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