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      Andrew (Drew) Coupar is a Registered Professional Counselor - candidate, who enjoys working with adults who experience various levels of difficulty which impact their personal functionality in their day to day lives. This can involve or include anxiety & depression, or experiences with their significant other or themselves which impacts their confidence or ability to engage in a intimate or social setting. Drew works with Sex and Intimacy Therapy, helping individuals and couples better understand their relationship dynamics, emotions and communication styles. Using various techniques and skill sets, Drew can help you better understand the dynamics of your personal and shared intimacies, and how it affects your life as a whole.
     Our relationship with how we feel, view, expect or assume aspects of our body image, performance, drive, desire, output and release may affect our mood, anxiety, depressions, eating habits, workplace interactions, attractions and overall functionality. Human interaction at a foundational level can be viewed through the lens of our attractions, whether this is towards other humans or our interests to accomplish our goals, or problems we face. Understanding how this intimacy works can shed light on our troubles and difficulties we face and ultimately help us overcome the impact to our instability we feel when confronted with situations that defy our logic of ability to reason. 
     Using research and modern approaches of the most wholesome, open minded and non-judgmental view, Drew works to help you better understand the situation you are in, and what you can do about helping yourself with it. 
     Drew is a father of two, married, and Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. Drew is passionate about helping his fellow Veterans overcome their difficulties transitioning and adjusting to life outside of wearing the uniform and or learning to manage their complications to their mental health from their service. Being able to empathize as only one who also has served can do so, Drew is committed to helping his fellow Vets find new paths to tread which improve their functionality and quality of life. You are not alone. Let me help you.   
     Drew is also working under Supervision from a Registered Clinical Psychologist as he moves forward with his professional development as a Clinical Counselor.  By having this guidance & supervision, it allows Drew the ability to also work with clients who may find themselves suffering from or dealing with:
  •  Mood Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Acute Stress Disorder
  • Personality Disorders
  •  Depressive and Anxiety Disorders
  • Panic Disorders
     Drew is also able to provide mobile or in-home counselling services for those unable to drive or whom suffer from physical disabilities. This is a rate of $100 an hour, which includes the costs of going to your home. Any location beyond the city boundaries of Port Alberni will cost the client $0.60cents per kilometer.
Should you wish to not meet online via an e-service or do in-home counselling, Drew is willing to do "walking sessions" as well, where we meet at a pre-decided location and spend our session walking outside or sitting on a bench and talking, if this is preferable.  
Please Contact Drew if his training, and services would be useful to you, and let us begin the journey together towards a healthier, happier and more functional future.  

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