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Hello! I'm so glad you are taking the steps to find the support you need! Therapy can truly be life-changing for those who fully invest in the process!
What type of therapy are you looking for? Individual...Couple....Family? I have a Masters of Counseling with an emphasis in Couple and Family Counseling, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado. I would be very interested to learn more about your needs and how I can help you.
What type of therapist are you looking for?  I primarily work with relationship issues, though I also work with anxiety, addictions, and transformation of shame (all of which impact relationships as well).
Do you yet have any sense of how you would like your therapist to approach therapy with you?
I integrate many modalities into sessions, based on my clients' individual needs. However, the foundation that my ongoing, overarching assessments are typically based on is systemic in nature. That means I pay attention to the way feedback loops are created when we interact with each other and our environment. What does "feedback loop" mean? The term feedback-loop refers to cycles that are created when our environment/experiences, and our perceptions of these, trigger certain responses and attitudes in us that then impact perpetual types of responses from our environment or relationships.  This is how we get stuck in our cycles. Understanding these can give us useful data for determining ways to change these patterns and become "unstuck."
Another modality that is strongly incorporated into the work with my clients is a solution-focused approach. In essence, this means that the majority of the work we do in session is focused on the present and future. Needs and wants become more clearly identified, directly expressed, and actively worked toward.

Lastly, a common thread that you may experience is engagement in activities that broaden our self-awareness and understanding, and that work to depersonalize interactions and improve our self concepts. I cannot emphasize enough how much a negative self concept can hold us back through our many defenses devised to preserve our self worth. If this is a barrier for you, it will need to be therapeutically addressed to help you achieve your ultimate goals.  
Whether you are looking for help with issues involving anxiety, negative/ineffective behaviors, trust, communication, shame, addiction, or any number of stressors, the integration of approaches that I use proves to be very effective for my clients, and I have great confidence that I would be able to help you too.

If it sounds like I might be a good fit for you, please reach out and let me know how I can help. Let's begin examining the many factors that influence you and your circumstances, and start discovering the ways in which you can be empowered to have a positive impact on changing certain aspects of your situation!
Need to know more about how counseling might fit with your needs? Call me, or visit my website at  
I'm here to help. Please reach out to get started on your path to the other side.  

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