Angie Hesselbrock, LPC, NCC, LPC-S

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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 3226 Collinsworth Suite F, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107
  • Phone: 817-343-1553
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  • Session Fees: $85 per session for individuals/$100 per session for couples
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

About me:
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Ft. Worth, Texas. I graduated from TCU in Ft. Worth and have lived in this area for 25 years.
What I love about being a therapist:
I love being a counselor because I enjoy seeing clients discover how they are capable of change, how they can focus on their strengths and capabilities, and how they can create lasting, positive outcomes in their lives and in their relationships. The power to initiate these changes is within us; sometimes all that is needed is a counselor who can help you initiate what you feel would be most beneficial.
My views on the therapy process:
I view counseling from a strength-based perspective. This means together we will focus on your capabilities, what is working well in your life, and how we can transition these strengths to help you in the areas in which you  find yourself struggling. Everyone encounters challenges, struggles, concerns, and feelings of being overwhelmed. You are not alone, although when dealing with these feelings you may feel quite alone. Let me reassure you having life transitions, struggles, issues with others; these are obstacles most people deal with during their lives. Please do not feel you have to walk this road alone. Seeking out a counselor means you recognize that continuing to do what you have always done when faced with adversity isn't working--you feel you are spinning your wheels, you are working harder at solving your problems but you don't see any improvement. Instead of working harder, let me help you work "smarter"--a new approach is often needed. 
How will counseling help? 
The benefits of counseling include discovering and maximizing your strengths and capabilities and transferring these skills into other areas of your life. Often when faced with a challenge or a struggle, we focus on what's not working in our lives. Counseling helps you to see what IS working, how you are making these strides, and how you can direct these strengths to empower yourself to face and overcome your current challenges.
Client/Therapist relationship: 
I believe the client/therapist relationship should be based on trust, compassion, and empathy. Building trust, listening without judgement , and helping the client in a way that fits their belief systems are my guidelines. The changes you want must be changes you believe will benefit your life--I am here to walk with you and help you initiate and sustain these changes. Sometimes just having this support is step one. Maintaining these changes is up to you.
What is a session like:
Sessions are 45 minutes in length. I often assign "homework", or tasks/challenges for you to complete before we meet again. These are never intended to make you uncomfortable, rather they are similar to trying on new behaviors which will help you grow and change in the ways you have indicated you would like to notice improvement. We always discuss these tasks and you are never asked to complete a homework assignment that you don't agree will benefit you. 
Video/phone/online therapy is available for those who prefer that. Sessions can be 30 minutes in length and the fee for a shorter session is $50.

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