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Free 50 min in person, phone or zoom session


FREE 50 min in person, zoom or phone session. 
I help couples unravel the mystery of relating & master the art of crafting a deeply soulful relationship filled with magic, rich & dynamic connection & the treasure of intimacy that we all crave - You'll also find freedom from the toxicity of stress, shame, blame, abuse & betrayal - & my strongest intention is to help you become wise guides for yourselves:)
Are you not feeling heard, understood or cared about in your relationship? Are your feelings disregarded? Too much conflict or criticism? Is she withdrawing or unwilling to talk? Not feeling valued or supported? Growing apart? Little affection or sex? Mistrust or dishonesty? Feeling unsafe, forgotten or dropped? I effectively help couples form safe & secure connection, a “couple bubble”, based on trust, compassion, authenticity, gratitude & accountability. You’ll learn to calm & soothe each other, use Non Violent Communication - sharing feelings & needs, reflective listening, “love practices”, repair skills, 6 key questions & many other tools.

In my couples work, we also build somatic & self-awareness by discovering patterns, trauma, grief, limiting beliefs & attachment issues that are impacting you now - You'll develop self-esteem & open, flexible thinking to expand possibilities for your lives - And we'll explore the brain & nervous system as they relate to emotional health & relationships.
I also work with families: Parents often unknowingly bring their own issues into their children's lives. And at the same time, children come into this world with their own temperament & are impacted by their own experiences that can contribute to family dynamics. I help family members truly see, hear, know & understand one another and learn how to emotionally regulate themselves and one another. Parents develop healthy empathic relationships with their children, which helps the children feel loved, supported & respected. The result is greater harmony and ease in the family.
Essentially, I believe people just want to feel good & live fulfilling lives. I believe this is possible when we have outlets for healing, healthy relationships, self-compassion, purpose, emotional intelligence & a calm mind. I help clients cultivate such a life with my life experience, education, wisdom, compassion & guidance.

Not all therapists are alike! Many are not trained to provide couples therapy or they just don't enjoy it. I specialize in and LOVE providing couples therapy. It's also critical that you feel safe and comfortable with your therapist. A good connection with your therapist will serve as a foundation for all of the transformational work you do:) I continuously check in with my clients to be certain we have clear, clean & comfortable relationships.

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