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LAST DAY TO JOIN HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP CLASS - TOMORROW, TUES, FEB. 16TH, 6:30 TO 8PM  Details on website. OPEN OFFICE VIDEO TODAY FOR POTENTIAL CLIENTS OR CLASS PARTICIPANTS, Tues, Feb. 15th until 1:30pm and 4:15 to 9, Try DOXY:  Class continues for 10 weeks.  Only $10 to $20/class!  Learn the essential & cutting-edge education, skills & tools from the latest scientific research that I use with couples in therapy.  I am a relationship specialist AND I work with individuals.  Develop a secure-functioning relationship, learn about NVC, Emotionally Focused Therapy, attachment styles, the brain & nervous system, create a win-win relationship that love!

See intro video here:  Relationship As A Refuge´┐╝ - YouTube 
Class begins Wednesday, January 19th, from 6:30pm to 8pm
Continues every Wednesday for 10 weeks 
Learn the foundational information that I teach in couples and family therapy:
 -Communication skills - NVC, reflective listening & more-Brain & nervous system - how they are almost always contributing to a relationship dynamic-Childhood issues - find out how what happened to you then is playing out now-Love practices - Love languages, the 5 A's, self-love-Attachment & Attachment styles - are ALWAYS at play in relationships - learn how-Beliefs & Stories - How they're running your "relationship show"-Internal Parts - We all have a whole family of parts inside contributing to our relationship - Who's driving your relationship bus?        - learn more-Somatic Awareness - Discover the wisdom your body has to share with you-Self Awareness - Develop a deeper understanding of yourself so that your beliefs, patterns, behaviors,      trauma, etc. aren't in charge.  -Feelings & Needs - Identify the feelings and universal human needs that are present in all relationship challenges-Secure-Functioning Relationship - Gain an understanding of how to create a relationship that is a       refuge, secure base and safe-haven from life, rather than an additional source of struggle.   
-Authenticity-Transparency-Honesty:  Learn to be your truest and whole self in relationship and experience the
      beauty and power of being FULLY YOU, rather than putting up a persona, playing a role or living in fear of
      communicating and BEING your authentic self:) 
-Ownership-Taking Responsibility-Accountability:  Learn how this practice takes the blame, shame and criticism off
      of the other person and helps them feel KUSH - known, understood, seen and heard - critical for healthy
   Cost - $395 per couple/two people or $245 for an individual 
FREE 30 min consultation

IN PERSON SESSIONS IN SANTA CRUZ - Live somewhere else?  Make it a therapeutic vacation - combine online video sessions with visits to Santa Cruz 

I work with anyone having relationship challenges: 

Adult parent/child
Business partners
Not feeling heard or understood?
Feelings disregarded?
Too much conflict or criticism?
Someone withdrawing?
Not feeling valued or supported?
Growing apart?
Little affection or sex? 
I effectively help people in relationships form safe & secure connections, a “couple bubble” (or relationship bubble)

* Feel safe with each other

* De-escalate conflict

* Grow closer instead of further apart

* Repair breakdowns

* Meet your KUSH needs - know, understand, see & hear each other

* Learn about attachment & attachment styles

* Learn about childhood issues that are showing up

* Experience more touch, affection & holding

* Cultivate honesty, transparency & authenticity

* Develop NVC - Non-Violent Communication Skills

* Express gratitude & admiration for each other

* Learn to be "there" for each other

* Learn to count on each other

* Feel that you MATTER 

* Learn how the brain & nervous system play out in your relationship

* Learn to soothe each other

* Develop "Love practices” & many other skills & tools

I help people in relationships unravel the mystery of relating & master the art of crafting a deeply soulful relationship filled with magic, rich & dynamic connection & the treasure of intimacy that we all crave  

CHILDREN:   I choose to work with children WITH at least one parent, though individual sessions with children and/or parents can happen in conjunction with parent/child sessions.  This is because what's happening with a child is almost always related to the relationship s/he has with the parent AND it is highly likely that the parent could benefit from learning new skills to utilize with the child.    

What you should look for in a relationship therapist:

*Safe, kind, sensitive & compassionate
*A true understanding of what you’re going through & how difficult it is
*Highly educated & knowledgeable about creating lasting relationship change
*A full spectrum of skills & tools to shift your relationship
Not all therapists who work with couples, families or other relationships are alike!     

What should my relationship therapist know?

*Deep understanding of trauma & attachment styles
*The brain & nervous system in relationships
*Childhood issues that show up in adult relationships
*Relationship modalities such as EFT, PACT & NVC - Non-Violent-Communication
I confidently bring the aforementioned education, skills, personal qualities, as well as life experience, to my work with relationships.   

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