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Free 50 min in person, phone or zoom session

FREE 50 minute in person, phone or zoom session.
While in person therapy has its benefits, it is quite possible that your ideal therapist lives too far from you for in person sessions.
  I specialize in treating couples & families. I am LIT UP by helping people who are struggling with relationships. I bring an abundant & unique blend of education, life experience, knowledge, wisdom & skills for doing so. Not all therapists have the skills, interest or knack for working with this population.
I help couples & families unravel the mystery of relating & begin crafting deeply soulful relationships filled with magic, rich & dynamic connection & the treasure of intimacy that we all crave - You'll also find freedom from the toxicity of stress, shame, blame, abuse & betrayal - & my strongest intention is to help you become wise guides for yourselves:) 
  In addition to being an AMFT, I am also a credentialed California teacher. Healthy relationships require education and the retention of what you learn. As both a therapist & teacher, I am in a unique position to teach clients the information necessary for healthy relationships as well as the emotional skills required for healthy, safe & secure relationships.
  I also have training in PACT, the psychobiological approach to couples therapy, Non-Violent Communication and my own experience in a very healthy, safe & secure long-term partnership. Furthermore, I'm informed by my own personal study & experience with relationships, having read more than a dozen books on the topic & participated in organizations & workshops, such as Network for a New Culture & the Human Awareness Institute, that heavily emphasize the development of relationship skills.
  I'm also a seasoned meditator. I bring the value of a calm mind & presence to my sessions.
  And finally, I am fascinated by the recent explosion of research on the brain/nervous system & relationships. Much of what happens between two people is neurological, chemical, physiological & biological, that is - the brain & nervous system play a huge role in how we relate to each other. Our nervous system may be calm or agitated. Our amygdala may be signaling emotional/relational danger or not. Our pre-frontal cortex and ability to think clearly, may be on or off-line, depending on how calm or stressed we are. These are just a few examples of how recent brain research can support our understanding of relationships.

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