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  • Are you mentally exhausted, but can't sleep?  
  • Is your chest tight?  Is it hard to breathe?  
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with stress, but unsure of what to do next?  

Some stress is normal, healthy even. But there are times when it gets the best of us and we need to step back and find a new approach.  Being armed with the right tools and having a "safe space" to sort through the rush of emotions can make the difference between approaching life's hiccups with confusion, apprehension and fear or handling them with ease and flexibility and an inner peace that allows you to be "present". 
I serve teen and adult clients dealing with stress, anxiety and depression and am especially focused on those who are healing from trauma, PTSD or loss.  Stop the racing thoughts, the repetitive unproductive patterns that keep you in the same cycle with no progress.  When we work together, we will unpack the issues and face them in a practical, proactive and positive manner so that you can leave the anxiety, fear and confusion behind.  I am unshockable.  I use a variety of modalities in therapy, including but not limited to CBT, EMDR, and EFT and other humanistic and person-centered approaches, which are tailored to the specific needs of each client. 
For teletherapy, I use Zoom and will send you an easy to use link before your call.  I work in a private area of my home and use HIPAA compliant technology so that you can be sure that our session is confidential and secure.  If you are needing privacy during covid, I have found that sitting in a car in the driveway works wonders for therapy sessions!   I am also available by telephone, if you prefer to not use video, or we can do a mix of both. Research indicates that online therapy is as equally effective as in-office sessions. Many clients, though initially hesitant to do teletherapy, have found that they are very pleasantly surprised at the ease and convenience.  (For those who care, we can make the screen smaller so that you don't have to look at yourself!)   

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