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Bangor Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is Bangor, Maine’s leading opioid addiction treatment center. Serving adults age 18 and older of all genders, our facility offers the best evidence-based practices for outpatient addiction treatment to help our patients achieve recovery and break free from addiction.
Bangor CTC focuses on three main methods of helping people achieve recovery. First, we offer a methadone maintenance program that can help you curb cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms, and remain sober while receiving outpatient treatment. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a time-tested approach to opioid addiction recovery, with decades of evidence showing its effectiveness and practicality.
Second, we offer Suboxone. Suboxone is a newer drug in the treatment of opioid addiction, but it has been shown to ease or even eliminate the effects of opioid withdrawal. In addition, a regular Suboxone maintenance schedule can help people overcome opioid cravings, return to their work or family responsibilities, and achieve lasting sobriety.
And third, Bangor CTC offers comprehensive therapies that can help patients cope with the emotional and behavioral consequences of opioid use disorder. These therapies include meeting with a counselor who can help uncover the root cause of addiction. Your counselor can then work directly with you to help you change harmful behaviors, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and build the skills required for lasting recovery.
In addition to individual therapy, our clinic offers group therapy sessions. These sessions have been a mainstay of addiction treatment for decades, as the support and understanding of a group of people who have similar experiences with opioid use disorder can have a profound effect on your ability to stay sober. Group therapy gives people social proof that recovery is possible, provides them with a space to voice their concerns and achievements, and lets them give back to their community.
Above all, Bangor CTC offers patients a stigma- and judgment-free space to recover. When you come to our treatment center, you will be treated as a unique person, not the disease you’re struggling with. Compassion, respect, and dignity are the core values of our treatment process and can be a tremendous factor in helping you achieve sobriety. When you’re ready to start receiving the best in individualized addiction care, contact our professional team today. You don’t have to struggle with opioid addiction alone — the experts at Bangor CTC can show you the path to recovery and help you stay sober."

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