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My Approach
Welcome! You have taken that first step toward getting help.  Now, let's get you feeling better.  When we meet, I will listen carefully to what you are going through.  As we better understand WHY you are feeling or acting or thinking this way, you will gain useful insights about the source of your symptoms. Over time, increased insight and self understanding will allow you to address your problems at their source and move past your symptoms.  You will learn to heal and become the person you have always wanted to be, free from the anxiety, depression, self-doubt, uncontrollable anger, troubled relationships, or whatever is keeping you stuck.
How will I benefit from therapy?
When you cast away your old baggage, you will be free to trust in relationships, trust in life, and trust in yourself.  You will learn to enjoy life more fully – or for some, enjoy life for the first time!  I won’t lie – therapy can be hard work – but it’s also hard work dragging your symptoms around with you, day in and day out.  I recommend that you make the decision to take back your life!!
I have personally struggled with my own issues as well as worked with many clients with challenges ranging from marital and family issues, to post traumatic stress disorder, abuse and neglect, eating disorders, dissociation, anxiety, and depression.   I have found that with the proper assistance and a strong therapeutic relationship, we can accomplish more than we ever thought possible.  

You deserve to get the help you need!
I believe that you have the ability to heal yourself if given the appropriate guidance, encouragement, and support. Allow me to be that guide.

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