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Located in Beloit, Wisconsin, Beloit Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) helps adults age 18 and older as they work to overcome opioid addiction. Our outpatient addiction treatment program administers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and offers group and individual therapies.
Beloit CTC offers medication-assisted treatment as an evidence-based approach to effectively treating opioid addiction. Decades of research has shown that when opioid addiction treatment involves MAT, individuals experience several advantages. Some of the leading outcomes of MAT include increased rates of recovery, treatment retention, and employment. MAT is also linked to decreases in opioid-related deaths, relapse rates, and illnesses associated with opioid use like HIV and hepatitis C.
Traditionally, MAT has been administered through methadone clinics that offer methadone alone as the only medication available to clients. Beloit CTC chooses to follow FDA recommendations by providing our clients with the full range of medications available for treating opioid addiction. A client at Beloit CTC may have access to methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, or Suboxone. One form of medication means that clients have only one option. If that option doesn’t provide sufficient relief from symptoms and cravings, there’s a greater chance of relapse as an individual seeks relief outside of the treatment program.
At Beloit CTC, our goal is to provide every client with the support they need to overcome opioid addiction. Our physicians select a MAT medication based on several factors, including substance use history and medical history. We carefully monitor client progress, and we encourage our clients to express concerns and challenges they are facing. Medication variety allows us to alter a MAT medication as needed until a client receives the support they need.
Beloit CTC supplements medication with individual and group counseling sessions. Counseling is a critical component of helping opioid addiction treatment produce long-term results. Our experienced counselors work with clients to provide training on subjects like coping skills, addiction education, family dynamics, and communication skills. Individualized sessions provide a confidential environment in which clients receive personalized attention and can discuss sensitive concerns like unresolved trauma and mental health conditions. Group sessions provide community and show clients the importance of establishing a support network of peers who understand the unique challenges and victories of recovery.
The premier addiction recovery program at Beloit CTC is designed to empower each individual to overcome opioid addiction. By offering physical, mental, and emotional support, we help clients learn the skills that can help them achieve lasting recovery from opioid addiction.

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