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Is your relationship in trouble?
Are you struggling with your Anxiety or Addition? Are you Struggling to manage your Anger?
Do you desire passion in your career?

Bharat Sharma is committed to providing compassionate support to these and many more life issues.

I am a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling,  Substance Abuse Professional (SAP),  and Canadian Certified Addiction Counselor, providing counseling, assisting people with Anger,
Anxiety, stress, depression, life transition challenges, abuse, and trauma. I enjoy engaging in meaningful conversation and supporting individuals in making positive changes.
Registered  Professional Counsellor
Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling
Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (U.S. DOT)
Designated Capacity Assessor, Alberta
Registered Social Worker, Alberta
Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor
Alberta College of Social Workers(ACSW)
Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation( CACCF)
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (CCPCP)
Bharat is a Psychotherapist, a Canadian Certified Clinical Supervisor, who specializes in the treatment
·couples therapy
·domestic violence
·Addiction issues

During the course of his studies, Bharat became particularly interested in Addictions and dedicated a significant portion of his practice to those suffering from Alcohols and drugs Abuse.  Bharat is also focused his study and attention on working with couples and helping them deal with the pain and anxiety associated with separation.
Also, he regularly works with clients dealing with:
·Career struggle
·Children issues
·work conflicts
·self-improvement or growth

Bharat also works with clients dealing with issues related to work and job burnout out.

Bharat believes because no two persons are the same, so he tailors his psychotherapy to meet your personal needs. Utilizing an in-depth approach, he will support you in learning, interpreting, and challenging that which is holding you back. Once the fundamental problems are recognized, you can fully realize your strengths. Adjusting specific behaviors and thoughts allows you to see things in a different improved way.

That peace comes from a willingness to deeply experience, explore, and feel one’s emotions that are related to both present and past circumstances.  Hurtful feelings can often lead to the destruction painful life.
The counseling is not a quick fix, but rather a slow process that requires dedication willingness, and faith.  Change often comes like slowly breeze rather than a thunderstorm.  However, Bharat believes it is the gradual, steady changes that lead to sustained changes.

My counselling practice is strength-based, solution-focused, client-centered, and empathetic. I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Twelve Step Recovery mainly. I specialize in the adult and Adolescents population, and I have experience in the evaluation and management of Addiction, Anxiety, stress as well as issues concerning interpersonal relationships, and professional life.
Adults in my practice are often in need of support in moving through painful situations in their lives. These might include divorce and separation, mid-life transitions, grief, loss and family challenges. In my work with adolescents and children, I address academic failure, peer pressure, and career counseling.

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