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With an understanding that addiction is a disease that can impact every area of a person's life, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center is proud to offer men and women age 18 and older the therapeutic respite needed to defeat addiction and chemical dependency concerns once and for all. This residential treatment center supplies several proven effective treatment methods, and provides each person with the individualized care that can help him or her successfully break free from the grips of addiction.
For those who require it, Blue Ridge supplies detox services so that harmful substances of abuse can be cleared from clients' bodies in order for them to fully engage in the therapeutic interventions available. This level of care is one that may be recommended at the start of a person's time at this center, as it can truly jumpstart the recovery process in a life-changing way. Once complete, or if this option for care is not needed, men and women are invited to participate in the evidence-based and holistic methods of care that are offered. In addition to family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy, Blue Ridge clients benefit from several recreational therapies, educational lectures, gender-specific services, 12-Step meetings, and interventions that can enhance a person's spirituality.
Furthermore, these treatment methods are delivered by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who all collaborate to assist clients in both reaching and exceeding their treatment goals. Physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, nurses, a music therapist, social workers, and certified addiction counselors are all employed at this center to supply clients with the encouragement they need to navigate the recovery process successfully.
Additionally, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center offers care for those who are grappling with co-occurring mental health disorders at the same time. Offered so that any disorders present can be treated and so that emotional turmoil does not thwart a person's recovery, these services allow men and women to heal from emotional pain and develop beneficial skills for handling psychological distress in ways that do not include the abuse of substances.

Blue Ridge also offers an invaluable family program so that those closest to this center's clients can learn how to best support their loved one during this crossroads in his or her life. This program allows friends and family members to learn more about addiction and can help them heal from the damage that their loved one's addiction has caused in their lives.
Finally, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center ensures that each person who comes for care will have the necessary support and resources needed to remain sober once it is time to leave this center. Discharge and aftercare planning begin at the start of an individual's time at this center so that the most appropriate follow-up services are identified and recommended. Blue Ridge also offers a relapse prevention program called The Expedition so that those who have relapsed can get back on the recovery track.In summary, by coming to Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, men and women alike will get exactly what they need to become well again and live healthier lifestyles that do not include the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

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