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Bothell Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is a leading provider of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in Bothell, Washington. Our outpatient addiction treatment center serves adults age 18 and older who need support for opioid addiction. The addiction treatment program at Bothell CTC is designed as a convenient, fast-acting method of getting clients off opioids and into recovery. Our comprehensive care approach provides immediate and long-term care.
MAT is a premier method of treating opioid addiction. Bothell CTC uses MAT to help clients stop using opioids on day one of treatment, while our group and individual counseling sessions help clients implement changes that can support long-term recovery from opioid addiction. We use an outpatient treatment model to better serve as many individuals as possible. Outpatient treatment allows clients both freedom and flexibility. Clients are able to access the treatment they need without disruption to commitments and responsibilities at work and home.
Medication-assisted treatment helps individuals stop opioid use immediately. The medications provide relief from the severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings that occur with opioid detox. Stopping opioid use can be a challenging transition mentally, emotionally, and physically. MAT medications help stabilize brain chemistry as clients undergo the changes that come with beginning recovery. All medications used in MAT are FDA-approved and clinically proven to significantly increase recovery success. Decades of research shows that MAT participants experience many benefits, including decreased opioid fatality rates, decreased criminal activity, and increased treatment retention and employment rates.
MAT is a unique and valuable tool for supporting long-term client success. Bothell CTC offers methadone, Suboxone, and buprenorphine as MAT medication options. A variety of options allows us to best serve unique client needs. If a client is struggling with cravings or withdrawal symptoms, they’re encouraged to share their concerns with our physicians. We can adjust medication as needed to best support a client’s physical and psychological comfort. Clients at our premier treatment center have access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Individual counselors, physicians, nurses, and other behavioral health specialists provide clinical and therapeutic support, while group counseling sessions create a community of peers in recovery.
Bothell CTC understands that opioids like heroin, morphine, fentanyl, and prescription painkillers quickly create a physical and psychological dependency that is very difficult to overcome. We also know that opioid addiction comes with a high fatality rate. Our goal is to help individuals who are struggling with opioid addiction get help quickly and efficiently. Individualized care and professional support make overcoming opioid addiction possible.

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