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Pathways to Personal Growth.
I am a Pennsylvania Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose career has spanned over twenty-five years providing social-emotional support to women and their families.  I am a certified Mind-Body Intelligence™ practitioner and a HEAL™ certified equine assisted psychotherapy facilitator.    Helping people make meaningful change in their lives is what I love to do. If you are looking for long-lasting change, you have come to the right place!  I am passionate, compassionate, and innovative in my approach to therapy.  Life is a journey that can be both scary and exciting.  With the right support, you can successfully survive the difficulties, deepen your connection to your SELF, and thrive.  
My practice is unique in that, in addition to talk-therapy, I offer the unique experience of relating to horses and nature to guide self-awareness.   No horse experience is necessary. There is no horseback riding involved. 
I can support you to:
  • Become less emotionally reactive
  • Feel more confident in negotiating boundaries with others
  • Become more compassionate toward yourself
  • Reduce physical and emotional symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma
  • Find a place of wholeness despite an illness or disability
  • Empower oneself as a leader (parent, coach, teacher, manager, professional, student)
  • Discover the joy of play again

I am experienced in helping with the following challenges:
  • Anxiety (including social anxiety)
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Emotional and physical abuse
  • Divorce and co-parenting
  • Gender identity and sexuality
  • Midlife transition

Finding a therapist you can trust and connect with is a very personal process.  I invite you to give me a no-obligation phone call to get a sense of who I am and how we could work together @ 215-880-7015.


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