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Things for us aren’t always easy. We’ve all been there.  As a registered psychotherapist, I specialize in helping adults and couples work through the tough stuff.

For many of us, it takes courage to “go get help.”  Often, it isn’t until the burden of pain, sadness, fear and shame becomes debilitating, that we find ourselves taking a cautious step toward change. 

As a professional with 18 years’ experience, I never lose sight of how privileged I am to have earned the trust of those who would share with me their intimate and individual perspectives.  I can always assure that my clients will be able to tell their story with dignity, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. 

Whether the issues are described as anxiety, depression, adjustment, conflict, or fear, my focus is to help individuals and couples find clarity, self-acceptance, and resolution.  Through cognitive-behavioural- based therapy, my goal is to ensure that the individual voice is heard and that communication barriers are safely and respectfully redefined. The reward for me is in seeing the smile that comes from people taking back control, and regaining quality of life. 

“I think people are wonderful.  But it’s hard when we see each other suffer. As a psychotherapist, I’m grateful to be in a position to help.  I want to hear each person’s story, and I like to be there for the happy ending.

Life’s journey can meet with disappointment or even traumatic upheaval.  These can stem from loss, unanticipated change, challenges in mental health, or simply dealing with the ever-present demands and responsibilities that weigh upon us. 

“This isn’t what I signed up for” is a familiar phrase we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

The path forward is tempered by our personalities - who we think we are – by our needs, wants, hopes and fears, and how much we see ourselves as being capable.  We are shaped by how we interpret our experiences.  I truly believe it is the tough times that will make us stronger – but sometimes we can’t always get there on our own – until we reach out for outside help.   

Through cognitive-behavioural-based therapy, my emphasis is on providing my clients the chance to see themselves from another angle.  I provide realistic tools to face challenge and conflict and to unlearn what isn’t really working.  My goal is to help individuals and couples achieve resilience and growth through change and to see the relief we can find in acceptance.

Clarity brings us to a happier beginning.” 

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