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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor, Clinical Traumatologist
  • 5050 Kingsway, Second Floor, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5H 4H2
  • Welcome! Unfortunately, I am currently not receiving new clients into my practice. Though this may change in 2020, I encourage a search for other therapists who can also meet your clinical needs. All the best!
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I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology providing in-office and home-visit sessions to Burnaby, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I have worked intensively in the fields of addictions, trauma recovery, behavioral and mental health diagnoses, parenting support and with individuals and families under extreme stress and crisis.

Counselling and Therapeutic Services

In counselling, you can expect a relaxed and caring atmosphere to help you work through your challenges. I believe that at the root of all effective counselling is empathy, respect and a belief in the power of talking things through. I provide an array of treatment styles and interventions tailored to your needs and work with you to create a service that is supportive and effective for change.

Counselling and Therapy for Individuals

I provide individual therapy that has lasting effects. Individuals struggling with challenges in any area of their life can benefit from my tailored approach.

Changes I can help you make     

·         Reduce and eliminate any self-destructive or problematic behaviors including addictions

·         Discover the roots of your emotional distress and resolve the issues that cause it

·         Fix what is not working in your professional life

·         Resolve conflict with people you love in a more effective and satisfying way

·         Find and create meaning after tragedy or crisis in a way that can help you move forward

·         Gain insight into who you are and begin working towards who you want to be

Counselling and Therapy for Couples, Families and Co-Parents

I have extensive experience assisting couples to improve their communication and connection while keeping the spirit alive in their relationship. I also assist parents who are joined or separated in creating healthy and authentic parenting approaches for their children. Couples counselling, family therapy and parenting support are provided in a progressive format and are tailored to your needs. As well, home visits can be arranged for a more thorough assessment and better engagement with your child or teen.

Changes I can help you make

·         Increase communication, support and understanding with your spouse or partner

·         Achieve harmony and excitement in your coupled relationship

·         Co-parent for the best health and development of your child in a natural and authentic way

·         Resolve tensions and disagreements after a separation that are impacting on your child

·         Improve your communication, connection, love and joy with your children 

Specialization in Mental Health Diagnoses in Adults and Children

The first step in managing a mental health diagnosis is knowledge about symptoms, causes and treatments. I can help you negotiate the maze of information out there on how to help yourself, your spouse, your parent or your child. The second step is creating a treatment plan that you understand and believe in, that honors your true self while improving your quality of life.

Changes I can help you make

·         Feeling like you are in control of the symptoms

·         Having a clear sense of direction in your treatment

·         Creating a holistic approach that works with your physician or other health professional

·         Help you uncover the causes and triggers for symptoms and become free of them

Mental health diagnoses in children are at an all-time high. The good news is…our understanding of them and our ability to help is at an all-time high as well. Parents can be the key to a happy and vibrant life for their child after receiving a diagnosis, but are often not given accurate or helpful information about what to do next. I will work closely with you to create an informed and effective approach that supports and nurtures your child and helps you take control of the diagnosis.

Changes I can help you make for your child

·         Creating a specialised parenting plan that works with your child’s needs and capacity

·         Maintaining harmony and relationships in the family while incorporating your child’s needs

·         Working with you to advocate for your child’s needs at school

·         Helping your child to keep joyful, spirited and positive despite a diagnosis

Please call or email for a free consultation today. In-office and home visits are available in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland. Fees are discussed during consultation and sliding scale fees are available. Documentation will be provided for reimbursement where extended health plans provide coverage.

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