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Nestled adjacent to Willow River State Park in Wisconsin, Burkwood Treatment Center is a leading provider of addiction and chemical dependency treatment for adult men and women ages 18 and older. In choosing to come to this center for care, each participant embarks on a transformative recovery journey that can ultimately bring about long-lasting sobriety and improved health. Additionally, this residential treatment center supplies care for the mental health conditions that are known to exist at the same time as addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. Via proven effective interventions and staff with specialized training, those looking to defeat substance abuse problems can also receive top notch care for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder, to name a few.
By selecting Burkwood as the place to develop the skills and confidence needed to recover from chemical dependency, men and women benefit from far more than just emotional healing, as they address the many facets of recovery. This center offers a myriad of opportunities to bring about physical healing as well. Several recreational activities are woven into each participant's treatment experience so that the physiological damage caused by substance abuse can be repaired. Nature outings, yoga, and opportunities to exercise complement the individual and group therapy sessions that are part of each man and woman's day, allowing for healing to occur on a much deeper level.
Medication management services with an experienced psychiatrist are also available to those who require prescription medications to manage mental illness symptoms, and family therapy sessions are incorporated into treatment at Burkwood so that men and women and those closest to them can heal as well.
Burkwood Treatment Center also features the MAEEZ Program, which is a 6-week program that orients men and women to the 12-Step philosophy to treating addiction. While in this program, participants learn how to navigate the steps of recovery with the ongoing support of their peers and staff. Additionally, Burkwood also includes the Way of Life System, which is a programming option that guides men and women through every phase of their recovery journeys so that they can maximize their time spent at this center.
Given the effective, multi-faceted approaches used to treat substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions, Burkwood Treatment Center is the ideal place to win the war against addiction and chemical dependency. Here, true healing, recovery, and long-lasting sobriety are achievable goals that each participant can enjoy.

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