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When I started my practice 38 years ago I watched those who were emotionally challenged from the way they were raised or by choice.  These struggles, with the issues people had, kept them from becoming healthy.

My Masters and Doctorate degrees have helped to overcome the very limited formal training I started with; yet even from the start I found I could help people in a significant way.  I discovered I had a gift to listen to people with compassion and watch their lives in many cases be radically transformed.  My first year I saw three schizophrenic cases:  still to this day they no longer have that problem.

As I started dealing with the drug abuse of the 1970's, the brain damage from it and all the other issues that come along in life, I started to realize that everyone who wanted change usually experienced it.  So still to this day, I still see the deeply rewarding, life transformation of broken lives.

Though through these 38 years the issues I deal with have greatly broadened (I cover from "soup to nuts"), I have always saw the need to keep myself learning and training to work with the desperate issues; to also work with the authorities, Judges, legalities, etc.  I'm still practicing for one reason:  the joy and fulfillment of watching people being restored to wholeness.  Formal education is not nearly as important as listening, knowing what questions to ask to unlock the areas of pain.

An area that feel are aware of is Neuro-science.  I have worked in this area for five years with a great deal of success. This field of anyone's life is poorly developed, but vital.   

At various times I have had multi-staff and have trained those for a life of counseling, coaching, school counseling and other related fields.

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