Camea Peca, PhD, MSc, Child Counselling Grad

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  • Trauma and Resilience Specialist/Holistic Wellness Coach
  • 14799 W Surrey Drive , Surprise , Arizona, 85379
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Dr Camea Peca- Working with you to co-create the truest, most beautiful life and relationships you can imagine. She believes that this is done through creating safe relationships based in trust and transparency. 
Dr Peca marries cutting edge neuroscience with the body and attachment to support you from growing from the inside out. Dr Peca uses a coaching model which includes expressive arts, cognitive/brain training, EMDR, biofeedback/neurofeedback. She works with a strength based forward facing approach that builds on what you are doing right opposed to what you are doing wrong! 
Dr Peca has done a great deal of specialized training to work specifically with children using play and the expressive arts. She also is open to coaching parents and working with the whole family as a unit! Often it is not just one person that needs to be supported in their growth and healing. 
Dr Peca has also has over 20 years experience working with neurodiverse children and adults and is inclusive in her approach and open to all diversity, orientations, and quirks! She welcomes all of the person to the session and creates a safe space where clients can be themselves. Dr Peca customizes all of her growth and healing plans to the individuals needs we are all unique and need a unique approach!

As a Trauma & Resilience Coach and Growth Guide she has supported hundreds of adults seeking to heal trauma from the inside out. She specializes in body-based self-regulation, nutrition and holistic healing. She is a foodie who uses food to heal! She also addresses sleep, movement, rituals and routines.

Dr Peca trains and mentors behalf of Arizona Trauma Institute to train Trauma and Resilience Life Coaches and supports organizations to become certified in Trauma Informed Care. She uses her eclectic and wide range of international training and clinical experience to deliver dynamic and experiential training exclusively for Arizona Trauma Institute. She also provides individual/professional consultation for professionals wanting to expand their skill set and practice and specializes in supporting other professionals in the caring fields with compassion fatigue and burn out! 
Dr Peca works with many clients online and in person and is open to both ways of working, she currently sees clients across the country as well as internationally via telehealth and has done this for over 5 years.  She is open to whatever frequency and format suits the client and their needs as there is not one right way to heal!

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