Carey Christiansen, Registered Clinical Counselor

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  • Adult, Couple, Child & Family Therapist
  • 4567 McFaul Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia, V2R 4N2
  • Phone: 604-824-4545
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  • Session Fees: $110 per session hour, CVA Claims and Extended Medical Plans requiring RCC or Registered Psychologist are accepted.

My approach to counselling is based on the science of mind and skillful means to achieve well-being.  Your mind is chief, the deciding force which guides the responses to your experience.  I will listen with compassion to your words and direct your attention in a careful, considered way.  I will help you explore your thoughts and feelings, perceptions and expectations.  As you gain insight into your experiences a deep conversation can unfold.
You can expect to benefit with some relief from emotional pain, quieting repetitive thoughts and changing unhealthy habits.  Relationship with self and others will transform with the development of mindful, honest and open communication that counselling provides.  Being able to understand your own longings, hurt, anger, loving, hope, rejection, feelings of closeness, self-acceptance, independence and inner freedom is invaluable.  After all, wherever you go, there you are.
My goal is to use my M.A. Counselling Psychology education combined with my many years of cognitive and emotional awareness training to help you feel better, regain your balance and become more confident in managing difficulties.  Ultimately, my hope is to help you be at ease with yourself.  Problems may include anxiety, trauma, financial problems, physical difficulties, addiction, relationship conflict...the list goes on.  Stress, fears, sorrows, exhaustion... Together we address your personal or relationship problems and honor your genuine search for happiness. 
The terms most commonly used to describe my approach include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), narrative, solution-focused, mindfulness, focused therapy (body-sensation awareness) and emotionally-focused couples communication.  For those inclined, there are also the options of art therapy, guided visualization and child-centered therapy.
I invite you to come in to explore the possibilities for development and well-being. 
May you be held in compassion
May your pain and sorrow be eased
May you be at peace 

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