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  • Licensed Clinical Marrige & Family Therapist
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Carol H. Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in both Maryland and California. Carol has been happily married for nearly 30 years with a private practice in Severna Park, Maryland. She is recognized as a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the California Association of Marriage and Family Theapists  Carol is able to assist new couples and couples who have been together many years, by helping the couple understand the negative intractional cycle that highjacks thier relationship.  Once the couple is able to alter these patterns, the couple is better able to notice the cycles and how not to fall back into the old patterns again, and again.  They are further assisted in being able to express their deeply held needs and feelings in a safe and compassionate environment with one another in order to better create a more loving and attentive relationship together.

As a Trained and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Carol continues to deepen her work with Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and because of the amazing transformations seen, she is now working exclusively with couples and some families using only EFT.  After years of working with individuals, Carol is able to see, and help the couple see and feel, the transformation from disconnection to deep connection.  EFT is one of the most heavily researched therapeutic modalities utilized today in helping couples heal and connect. Not only is necessary to utilize therapeutic approaches that are well researched, it is also vital to be able to connect with clients in a way that helps them to feel supported and nurtured.

Carol has gained extensive experience in treating family and relationship issues with the focus on couples therapy, such as improving a couple’s challenges in the event of losses, transitions, pregnancies, affairs, blended families, and separation.  Carol also has extensive experience with treating anxiety, PTSD, depression, and anger, as well as grief and loss.  Even though she is one of the few EMDRIA Certified Therapists in Anne Arundel County who provides EMDR to better treat trauma, depression and phobias in adults, she has chosen to work within a couples context to these challenges because working through these struggles with the one you love she finds to be far more effective.

To learn more go to or call 443-254-0686 for a scheduled phone consultation.  Having a healthy connection is only a phone call away.


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