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    Are you a sensitive person who feels everything magnified? Or you might be someone who has had things moving along so smoothly (or so it seemed) and everything got turned upside down in a flash. You may even be over-eating, over-working, drinking, restricting yourself from food or neglecting yourself in other ways. Whether you are experiencing stress and anxiety, sadness and disappointment, or just need to express what you want your mind and body to update to the present in, my door is open to welcome you.

     Beyond attaining Bachelors and Masters degrees in Developmental Psychology and Counseling/psychotherapy, my skills training and experience are in both traditional and modern modes, including a lot of creativity and an additional background in theater arts and singing. 
    Well before I became a therapist, I was leaning towards working with adolescents and since then have incorporated work with many young people and their parents into my practice.  I have for years before being in this profession, made good use of guided imagery and different types of meditative practices which I have honed into current use by tailoring to the needs of each individual.
     I have been in private practice for 14 years and began working with clients in 1991.  I continue to enrich what I can offer my clients through specialized training in mind and body related therapy, neurobiology, trauma treatment, hypnotherapy, addiction and eating disorders recovery, ADD in adults and other focus issues, and people who have unexplained chronic physical symptoms.  I am fortunate to have clients who are adults, couples, or adolescents and will gladly help with individual or family issues.
    Many of my clients are very creative people, so I have been fortunate enough to learn a great deal about the special inner struggles of writers, dancers and musicians as well.

Beyond artists many of you face challenging and sometimes painful or frustrating issues in personal and professional areas

     Perhaps your relationships are bringing up strong feelings in your body or unyielding thoughts that you would love to shift into another mode, and come closer to inner peace again. Strong communication skills can make a huge difference, yet in addition to fresh ways of connecting to another, you can still feel the changes inside that we can delineate as most important to you.
     Perhaps you struggle in your mind to remember the last time, if ever, you had a break from all the inner churning, heaviness or tightness.  We can and may very well find where that came from, and in the meantime have you start getting some relief right away.  Contrary to what you may have heard about counseling or therapy, one does not have to come to the perfect place inside and out in order to feel differently sooner!
     My aim is to work towards you getting back in touch with who you have been all along before the behaviors, thoughts and symptoms or illness distracted you, lightening the load on your body, brain and soul, and helping them all interweave towards healing and fresh awareness.
     I will supportively listen to your needs and offer a segway towards your own self-understanding.  I am delighted to guide you in the directions we set up for you together.  If you are committed to your own progress and ongoing process, we can touch on and eventually firmly grasp much of what you are reaching towards.
     There are many techniques for deeply soothing stress, difficult thoughts and even body feelings that I can teach you and do for you right in the room during our sessions.  These can become tools you take with you and practice on your own to benefit even more, or simply let the precess from the work already done sink in and stay aware of the changes.
     You already have rich inner resources and when we tap into those, you have the opportunity to automatically get a strong sense of which way optimizes your success.
     I would be happy to be provided with the opportunity to assist you in feeling better about yourself, your body and health, personal and professional relationships and with moving forward in your life.
Please feel free to contact me at the phone numbers above if you have any questions or want to get started!

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