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THE DILEMMA:   Anxiety is a terrible thing.  You feel down and are uneasy, but aren't sure why.  You wake up with a feeling of dread and urgency - of having missed something.  You can't stop your mind from running.  You may be unproductive and aren't able to get anything done.   You aren't sleeping well, and wake up feeling dread.  You find yourself obsessing about a lot of things you can't control.  You might be so out of sorts you are nervously asking yourself,  "Am I broken?"  Whether or not you are, life is like a broken record.

You've talked to friends, looked up cures on the internet, read self help books, distracted yourself with things that usually make you feel better and none of it seems to work for very long.   Something is wrong.  If this describes what you are going through now, you have my sympathy.  It is also possible that you are exactly where you need to be to progress to the next phase of your life.  You may be at a cross roads, and the right turn can lead you to a better life.  

WHAT TO DO:    If you want to take the next step, contact me.  We will talk for 5-10 minutes.   If you want to see me without talking, send me an email and we'll schedule an appointment.  I will strive to help you feel comfortable and get a sense of me as a therapist and as a person.

WHAT HAPPENS AT A FIRST SESSION:  I am seeing clients in my Greenwich Village (NY) and Hoboken (NJ) offices as well as on Zoom.  Through PSYPACT I'm able to do teletherapy in 30 other US states, as well as Florida. When you contact me, let me know any scheduling preferences.  The first session is structured and I will be asking you a lot of questions.  We will be determining an initial treatment plan. There is no way to do therapy wrong.   Everything that happens is for your benefit.  
I have many other specialties - relationship counseling, addiction therapist (post rehab) and workplace issues.  Once your symptoms are under control (for most people that is after 2-3 months of weekly therapy) we can address the root causes of anxiety.
Medication plus psychotherapy is the recommended course for anxiety and depression. If you choose not to medicate, let's talk about your best course of treatment!

WHO I AM:  A psychologist with a doctorate in psychology and 23+ years of experience.   Since graduating and obtaining my NY and NJ psychology license, I've continued studying from psychologists who get the best results, so that I can deliver results to my clients. 

DETAILS:  I accept many forms of payment (credit card, Zelle, Venmo). I will provide you with Super Bill so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits.  If you have little money for therapy, ask me about therapeutic support groups!
 It is most important to see if there is a client-therapist fit. You may get a sense of this over the phone during our brief chemistry interview, but sometimes a first session is recommended.  We will spend some time clarifying your therapeutic goals so we can assess your progress.    

SELF-DIAGNOSIS: There are all kinds of resources on the internet.  Some of the information can be misleading, and without input from a trained professional it is difficult to make correct interpretations. Premature and incorrect diagnosis may contribute to that feeling of "something is wrong with me" that is already plaguing you. 

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