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Charles is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC) who lives in Carrollton, Georgia.  

Even though he has spent much of his adult life in the practice of counseling, he has not always done so in the capacity of a "Professional Counselor".  He first began counseling with children and adolescents at 18 years of age when he served on a church staff as Minister of Music and Youth.  Charles says, "As I grew older and more 'mature' (that simply means balder and, shall we say more rounded), the parents of the youth in the church started asking me to counsel with them on marriage and family and parenting issues.  So for many years I did this without having any formal counselor training."  It was through those experiences that he developed his love for counseling with couples.

In 1982 Charles resigned from the full-time church ministry, enrolled in The Georgia School of Professional Psychology (now Argosy University) and earned his Master's degree in Counseling.  Upon graduating from GSPP he worked for the next fifteen years in the public mental health system in Carrollton where, as a Mental Health Professional, he counseled individuals with the full range of psychological and emotional disorders including Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis.  He was instrumental in developing the Anger Management program at that facility and for many years facilitated Anger Management groups as well as Men's Domestic Violence groups.  Charles is a charter member of the Carroll County Domestic Violence Task Force and remains an active member of that organization.  During this same time he continued counseling with couples on a part-time limited basis.

Charles resigned from public mental health in July 2009 in order to devote full-time to his original passion of working with couples who plan to be married, or couples who need help restoring their marriage to a healthy status.  Charles says, "I believe in traditional marriage.  I'm blessed to have been married to the same woman since 1965. We know what it's like to have marriage problems - and to work through those problems. I believe there is no obstacle so great that it can't be conquered if there is just a little bit of "one-more-try" left in both of you."

Charles is one of eleven Licensed Professional Counselors who is on the panel of counselors for Georgia Reproductive Specialists in Atlanta.  In this capacity he counsels with couples who are patients at GRS who are considering starting or expanding their family using assisted reproductive technology.

In addition to working with couples, Charles also works with individuals who have Panic and Anxiety Disorders.  Charles believes that, while medication is effective and is often the prescribed course of treatment for these issues, he works to help individuals reduce their dependence on medication, or in some cases to eliminate their need for medication all together.

EDUCATION AND CREDENTIALS                                                                                 

Bachelor of Music Education - University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Master of Arts / Counseling - Argosy University - Atlanta, Georgia                                 
Licensed Professional Counselor - Georgia License No. 2907                                        
Certified PREPARE / ENRICH Counselor                                                                          
Member, Licensed Professional Counselor's Association of Georgia

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