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                                    Welcome to North Star Counselling Remote Counselling
 I'm Cheryl McDougall (MSW RSW, AAMFT) I have been connecting with individuals, couples and families for over 25 years including 10 years remote counselling. My mission is to help you overcome any difficulties in your life, making it as easy as possible.Just as face to face counselling, we engage in a discussion. I introduce myself, then you tell me a bit about yourself and your concerns. I will listen and together we can explore ideas, thoughts, options and suggestions on how you can move forward. Within two working days I will craft an email with resources to support and consider what has been discussed in our session.   
                                                                          Remote Counselling Works It helps millions of people everyday in all walks of life, with all kinds of problems. It helps the young and the old, the rich, the poor, ones who have made it, and ones on their way. How I can help youYou may be struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, work related stress, PTSD, and are seeking healthy ways to cope.Perhaps something in your life is causing you distress, and it seems like there is no place to turn for help.You may have experienced a loss, and you seek a safe place to talk about it and get through these uncharted waters/ difficult times.Like so many others, you may be looking for help with relationships, or you may simply want to get to know yourself better in order to get more control over your life.
                                        Whatever your reason, North Star is here to be your guiding light. 
                                                                              How it works: 
                                                   It's confidential, easy, convenient and successful. North Star Counselling is helping people in isolation and remote communities across Canada get through difficult situations. You get the benefit of a professional counsellor on your terms. Couples do not have to be in the same location and can remotely connect with a counsellor. I have helped many people get through difficult times, find solutions and go on to be the person they have always wanted to be.
Visit my virtual office at to book an appointment find out how simple it is to get your life back on track from wherever you are. 

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