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Welcome to my site. 
With the rich evolution in brain science and research about factors resulting in successful relationships, as well as how to manage stress and heal trauma, therapy has become much more reliable and effective (which may also result in a briefer and less expensive treatment period).
Good therapy considers the whole person: body-heart-soul-mind (thinking and our unconscious self). In so doing, therapy changes our brain: that's how therapy--why we gradually feel and 'function' better-- actually works.
With over 40yrs experience (started early), I have well-established specialization in many emotional/mental-health areas, via applying knowledge about our brain to the numerous helping approaches I have learned (and continually up-grade).
Especially for relationship problems and emotional hurts from early life, which are known to impact our general happiness, ability to be open to  intimacy, our sexuality and self-care/esteem.
Such early hurts can generate addictions, moods/states like depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness, fear, despair and co-dependent conflict patterns.
As well as eating and body-image problems, identity confusion, problems with motivation and ability to create the kind of life that we desire.
My 'style' is highly inter-active engagement (with humor as helpful) : safe challenge, working together in partnership, abundant feedback, practical resources and suggestions (eg,'homework'), experiential exercises, follow-up.
My knowledge range includes: the psychology of our subconscious energies and processes, neuroscience, brief cognitive- behavioral therapies, socio-cultural-historical factors, creative self-expression.
I'm oriented toward 'wholeperson well-being': understanding you accurately; your uniquely individual goals-concerns-situation in life (eg, employment/school, physical health, life-style, friendships, family and your history). 
Because distress 'lives' in our bodies, insight alone is seldom enough. Using brain research, I incorporate emotion-centered and physical/sensory awareness-based approaches. Stress reduction is a major part of my applied method.
As a basis, I utilize attachment and developmental-evolutionary psychology (respecting our creaturely legacy), which enhances the effectiveness of such usual methods employed as: analytic-interpretive processing, mindfulness, family dynamic therapy, dream exploration, traumawork, CBT and DBT, hypnotherapy, and play therapy with children.
Additionally, I provide Clinical Supervision to several practicing therapists and conduct assessments in Family Court matters. 
You can expect dedicated care.
HOURS: Tuesdays, Weds, Thurs, 9-9, Saturdays to 5;30ish. 

Fees: I provide a detailed fee information sheet on request and when contracting. A sliding scale may apply to students and persons of limited means.  
 My service is covered by most Insurance providers and educational institutions.
I am a member in good standing and registered (RSW # 322455) with my governing professional body: the Ontario College of Social workers, and the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

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