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Counseling allows for a safe environment for individuals to discuss their concerns in a safe, nonjudgmental and open setting.  In counseling, treatment is tailored to the specific needs of the client in order to best help he or she on his or her path to personal wellness.  I believe that no two individuals are exactly the same, and treatment cannot be "cookie cutter".  The goal of counseling is to build a strong therapeutic relationship while also helping individuals learn and develop effective coping skills for life's many stressors.  At the end of counseling, clients can often apply these learned skills to their personal lives, and can ultimately deal more effectively with future challenges.  
 I hold a Master's degree from Southern Connecticut State University as well as a Connecticut state license to practice counseling.  I have worked with individuals, groups, families and couples in a variety of settings, including rehabs, hospitals and private practice.  For many years, I have greatly enjoyed assisting children, adolescents and adults in working through challenges while encouraging their strengths and ongoing progression.  I have helped clients struggling with various issues, including mental health, addiction, relationship challenges and trauma.  I have also worked with those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and various co-occurring disorders. 
As a Licensed Counselor, I have spent my years utilizing primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Person-Centered Approach and Strengths-Based Approach to help my clients identify their goals and the necessary steps to take to achieve these goals.  Challenging negative and unhelpful thoughts, creating more motivation for change and improving overall self worth have been especially helpful parts of my work over the years.  By maintaining strong and safe rapport, my clients and I have worked together to unravel self-limiting beliefs and, ultimately, create a life worth living.  I am empathetic and compassionate towards others, and understand that change can be uncomfortable.  Engaging in therapy is a great first step in expanding one's comfort zone and building the best life possible.
While talking to a counselor, especially for the first time, may seem uncomfortable, I have witnessed many benefits in doing so.  Simply having an objective party to process concerns with offers benefits in and of itself.  I believe that we all need positive support and do not need to go through the challenges of life alone.  By connecting with a counselor, obstacles can become more manageable.  

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