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My approach to therapy is focused on creating a safe space someone can explore challenging thoughts and emotions, whether it is related to depression anxiety or struggles with addiction or compulsive behaviors. I truly believe if a person feels heard, learns effective coping skills and has the time and space to process the challenges in life, that growth and the ability to create the lives we want, is possible. I am passionate in supporting individuals to seek the potential and confidence to work toward their goals as well as learn the skill needed to cope with life's issues and challenges.

More Info About My Practice
My style in therapy is to help you explore the patterns and thought beliefs that serve to get in the way of change and progress. Sometimes we don't always understand how and why we feel the way we do. It can help to have someone reflect thoughts and feelings back in order to gain insight and a greater awareness of insecurities and the negative thoughts we tend to believe without question. Gaining insight and awareness regarding the core beliefs that may drive our behavior can provide the groundwork for taking action toward the change we are seeking.

My Therapy Focus
My therapy focus is to serve as a guide that will help you in understanding the possible causes and means to seek relief from feelings of depression, anxiety and compulsive behaviors. Using my skills and experience working with people with similar challenges, I focus on providing a space to address feelings and thoughts that often get avoided or denied. Exploring and working toward expressing these repressed feelings, whether it be of grief, loss or anger toward some one or something, I serve as someone who can help guide you to addressing the meaning, purpose and potential for change therapy can offer.

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