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The Chula Vista Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) opioid use disorder program is the leading outpatient addiction treatment program in Chula Vista, California. Our CTC offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and we serve adults age 18 and older who are struggling with opioid addiction.
MAT is an evidence-based treatment that is highly recommended by experts in the recovery field. It is found to be helpful for those who are seeking recovery from addictions to heroin, fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone, and other prescription medications. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the National Institutes of Health, and other notable organizations recommend MAT, especially for people who have a long history of opioid addiction and those who have relapsed in the past.
Unlike methadone clinics, which are allowed to prescribe only methadone, our CTC uses several medications to decrease the painful side effects of opioid withdrawal and prevent fatal overdose due to relapse. The use of methadone, Suboxone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone gives our patients the best chance of lasting recovery. Some people do not find methadone effective, and for some, it causes adverse reactions. Our team creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient and closely monitors how well the medications are working. If changes in the protocol are needed, we can respond immediately and avoid any disruption to the patient’s treatment.
As important as prescription medications are to opioid addiction treatment, they are more effective when combined with therapies. Chula Vista CTC also offers individual and group therapies to help patients address all their emotional and mental health needs. Individual therapy at our Chula Vista CTC provides a safe, confidential space where patients can discuss their experiences and learn new coping skills that are needed to remain in recovery once treatment is over. Group therapy sessions are where patients can practice healthy communication with others. Sharing support with peers who understand your struggles is a valuable part of the recovery process. Group therapy sessions are monitored by a mental health professional to ensure that the environment remains supportive and effective.
Patients bring a host of emotions with them when they first enter a MAT center. Shame, fear, guilt, and a sense of isolation are common. Our compassionate team understands what you are going through. We are here to empower you, not to judge or scold you. We truly believe that each individual is valuable and worthy of being treated with dignity. At Chula Vista CTC, you can receive effective treatment from professionals who are invested in your success.

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