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Since we opened our doors in 2001 we have compassionately addressed the mental health needs of area families using a Christian focus, consistent with most religions, however, it is the clients' choice to integrate faith to treatment. The credentials of our professional team demonstrate our commitment to providing comprehensive care in a nurturing environment. Our team includes 7 licensed therapists--all who have specialty areas, and an assistant counselor who who coordinates care for clients who are in Suboxone counseling.

Mercy House also is licensed as an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center for Intensive Outpatient services.  We perform Drug and Alcohol assessments, and Anger Management services. Our recoverMe substance use services boasts various levels of care and probation/parole accept our recommendations. We also recently launched a Suboxone only group that helps clients recover sobriety and address lifestyle issues that influenced addiction in the first place.  All recoverMe services use the latest treatment protocols and include expressive, art, mindfulness based therapies as well as psycho-educational groups. The best advertisement for the program is the participants experience.  The following testimonial was sent to us a year after completion of treatment:
"After failing a battle with depression and anxiety, in Oct of 2010 I made a serious attempt to take my own life.  I then dropped out of college for the second time and entered into treatment at Mercy House.  My experience with suicide left  me with a profound sense of shame and guilt, as well as a hopeless belief that mental illness was going to be my permanent reality.  But then, Mercy House happened.  I have yet to meet a more committed and loving group of individuals than the staff at Mercy House.  The treatment team showed me tremendous compassion and treated me with a genuine desire to heal me and know me as a person.  Through their care I made great strides towards dealing with my illness and can confidentially say that I no longer have feelings of depression and anxiety today.  After completing treatment, I returned to school to finish a Bachelor's in Psychology as well as a Certificate in Premedical Sciences and am currently applying to medical school.  But most importantly, I am a happy, healthy individual and am infinitely grateful towards Mercy House for giving me a second chance at life."  
Besides substance use services, our licensed counselors also are standouts in the field of mental health.  From marriage, premarital, family, children and individuals--we have it covered!  We treat most mental health issues in any age range.  Because Mercy House highly invests in staff education and wellness, our counselors are trained and more than proficient in evidence based treatment. The staff enjoy each other, participate in Health Points-a facility based wellness program, and because they are well tended, they can tend others well.
So that is what we do--what is more important is who we are! Together we bring over 100 years of experience to helping people recover a sense of purpose and self- identity. We believe in continued education, team work and caring for our clients by accepting them where they are. Our staff is dedicated to "walking the walk" and genuinely enjoy their vocation. The unity that they experience with each other makes Mercy House a good place to work and that translates to caring treatment.
What can you expect from us? From the front office to clinicians, our staff has one goal--to fulfill our mission statement--"Restoring Hearts and Homes." You will be treated with kindness and respect, offered a cup of coffee and introduced to your therapist. You will be given a welcome bag that tells a bit about who we are as well as a small book that includes resources, places to journal and encouragement--all written by our staff.
 We realize you have many choices in treatment--so if you want a nurturing, caring environment to heal, you will find it here.  My staff will walk the recovery journey with you while you learn to be all you were created to be.
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