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Clearfield Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is the premier opioid addiction treatment center in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. With extensive services available for adults age 18 and older, including both medication-assisted treatment and targeted psychotherapies, our team can help you overcome opioid addiction and achieve recovery.
Clearfield CTC understands that addiction is quite complex and that no two people will find identical solutions. That’s why we take a highly individualized, comprehensive treatment approach that is rooted in the best evidence-based practices. Our experience has shown that personalized treatment leads to the best outcomes. The core of our outpatient addiction treatment model is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT combines the use of prescription medications like methadone, buprenorphine, and Suboxone with individual and group counseling sessions for comprehensive care. Research has shown that the medications used in MAT programs can help people quit using opioids, manage their cravings, and quickly return to living healthy and successful lives.
As part of MAT, Clearfield CTC incorporates several different therapy options to help people work through the mental and emotional aspects of addiction. All patients meet regularly with an individual therapist who can help them uncover the root cause of addiction, teach them healthy coping mechanisms, and show them how to live life sober. Working with an individual therapist can also help patients achieve their personal goals in recovery and lay a foundation for improved mental health in the years to come.
In addition to individual therapy sessions, group therapy is an essential component of our medication-assisted treatment program. Meeting with other people who are also struggling with opioid addiction gives patients a chance to share their experiences, strength, and hope with one another. These groups are led by a licensed clinician, but the true healing comes from the group members themselves. Peer-to-peer support can show patients that recovery is possible, help people face their challenges together, and create a lasting support system that promotes accountability along the path to recovery.
We know how difficult overcoming an addiction can seem. But there is hope — recovery is possible when you start your treatment at Clearfield CTC. Our compassionate and understanding staff can walk you through the first stages of recovery, help you change maladaptive behaviors, and be there to support you throughout the entire process. You don’t have to continue struggling with opioid use disorder all by yourself — the team at Clearfield CTC is here to help."

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