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 What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows-Marston  

Are you frustrated with anxiety and panic? Is teen drama causing disruption in your family?I have extensive education, training and personal experience that enables me to help you decrease depression, anxiety and stress. You deserve to have a happy life. I can give the skills you need to achieve the goals that you desire. I look forward to helping you reach your maximum potential. 

My personal experiences have fueled my passion to be an effective therapist. 
           I bring special into the counseling process due to my life experiences. Some of those include my own struggle with a learning disability, medical and multiple losses. It was during those difficult times that I learned what it felt like to struggle. I was lucky enough to have mentors to help me transform over the trauma.
 Who I am.
    I have been blessed with the gift of being able to help others help themselves. I want to help you be stronger, feel better and achieve your goals. 
   Life can give us unexpected twists and turns. When these occur, you may feel frustrated, alone and hopeless. I have helped people through circumstances that they though they may not ever get through. Due to my strong clinical skills and my creative outlook, I have helped many achieve success that had previously struggled with other counselors. My genuine concern and ability to provide insightful feedback and skill building has made me stand out among other professionals.  
 Immaculata University 1990 Bachelors in Psychology,
                                                                      Certificate in Studio Art 
 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts-Independent Arts
 Rutgers University 1996 Master's in Clinical Social
Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis-Post Graduate 
 Colorado State University-Center for Biomedical
                                                                              Research in Music 
                                                                             Neurologic Music Therapy
      I have worked with children and teens regarding issues of academic underachievement, depression, anxiety, grief, medical illness, peer conflicts and behavioral challenges. I have had much success using both traditional therapy and arts based therapies to help them achieve their goals.
   Adults face many challenges during their journey in life. I have been able to assist in decreasing emotions and behaviors associated with relationships, identity issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, emotional overeating, anorexia and bulimia. I am proud to say that I have been able to help them improve their quality of life tremendously. 
What are my therapy approaches and outcomes?
                                    I utilize cognitive therapy and practical skill building. I am formally trained in Neurologic Music therapy and have successfully treated various clients. Specifically, I have used music to help children attain IEP goals, stroke survivors gain speech and motor function and decrease overall anxiety. My approach has become quite eclectic over the years. I am influenced by Jung Theory, Modern Psychoanalysis, Solution Focused Therapy and creative arts therapies. Putting education and training aside, the most important approach is the human approach. I provide empathy and support in an environment that you will not be judged. I find a lot of times that it is fear that holds people back from seeking counseling. Once we get to know each other, the journey can focus on your outcome and how you can achieve that outcome. I feel very strongly about empowering and helping people build their own skills to manage their challenges. 
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.      Lao Tzu 

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