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Compassionate Counselling is based in a home like office with accredited professionals. We are all dedicated to creating a safe, confidential secure place for you to come and feel supported through challenging times. We are a soft place to land during difficult times.
Compassionate Counselling is a group of professional dedicated to helping people through difficult times, improving relationships, and personal healing. We are located just off white avenue in a house like building that is designed to help you feel comfortable and safe. We have a Ph D psychologist, registered psychologists, registered social worker, and art and play therapists.

We can help you with:

* Developing self confidence
* Working through the painful emotions of a loss, divorce, or breakup.
* Dealing with a low mood and depression
* Decreasing anxiety
* improving relationships including, marriage, friendships, family and work.
* Learning to be yourself and trust yourself
* Healing trauma

Often the source of current day problems of stress, anxiety and depression are the result of the following:
* People pleasing
* Lack of self care
* Not valuing oneself
* Life experiences that undermine self-confidence
* Feeling unworthy
* Trauma

It is within a safe and secure therapeutic relationship that you can explore your thoughts and feelings, discover unhelpful beliefs and begin to make positive changes in your life. Within each person is a resilient potentiality that can adapt, make change and grow to improve their life situation. Often people have never had the opportunity to learn to be aware of and regulate their emotions., which are often so intricately connected to physical experiences that they seem impossible to change. Through mindful awareness people are able to begin to become aware of alternative ways viewing themselves and others , and their intrinsic healthy self can emerge. Through therapy people are able to develop new healthy beliefs that create new neurological pathways in their brain. This results in new ways of feeling, and living that creates better relationships.

There area variety of therapeutic approaches all whose goal is to help you feel happier, more energetic and inspired to meet your goals. When you focus on courage, optimism, faith, competencies rather than weaknesses you rebuild resiliency. Reconnecting with courage, optimism, faith, spirituality, meaning in life, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, work ethic, hope, honesty, and perseverance you build capacity to overcome challenges and pursue positive goals. Every person has strengths, and wisdom, which they often overlook. Counsellings helps you recognise your strengths, learn to trust your intuition which enables you to overcome obstacles and pursue goals.

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