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Conway Behavioral Health Hospital, located in Conway, Arkansas, provides mental health and addiction treatment for adolescents. Our inpatient treatment center offers a safe, supportive atmosphere to help teenagers ages 13-17 overcome challenges. We are experienced in treating a wide range of mental health concerns — from co-occurring addictions to behavioral disorders common among adolescents — with the compassionate care teens need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. We focus on treating the whole person and family so that we can support our patients with the most effective methods and give them the best chance at recovery. Our team of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and support staff provides an interdisciplinary approach to your child's care. Our programs are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of teens, and our staff is committed to providing the most effective care possible. Adolescents who are struggling with a mental health disorder or addiction often face a difficult choice: either they can spend a period of time away from their friends, family, and social structure to get the treatment they need, or they can continue the harmful cycle of self-medicating. We aim to make the choice to seek treatment as easy as possible for patients and their families. There are many reasons why adolescents, who are some of the most vulnerable people, can suffer from mental health concerns or become addicted to drugs or alcohol. It could be a reaction to the trauma they have experienced, it may be the result of peer pressure, or it could be an inherited biological predisposition. Whatever the cause, we are committed to working with adolescents and their families through these challenges. The programs at our adolescent mental health treatment center are designed to meet the unique needs of teenagers, including their developmental stage, ability to participate in therapy, and preference for activities and relationships. As adolescents transition to adulthood, they face challenges such as peer pressure, social media interactions, bullying, academic transitions like high school and college, changing relationships, and more. Our adolescent inpatient program provides a safe environment where adolescents can focus on improving their mental and behavioral health through group therapy, individual counseling, family counseling, and experiential therapies. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s treatment so that we can work together to create the best plan for recovery. Mental health disorders are treatable, and healing is possible. The sooner you seek help, the more opportunities you will have to discover and explore treatment options that can help you reach your optimal level of wellness. This is especially true for adolescents. Adolescence is a time when the brain is still developing, and during this development, children may be at risk for developing mental health disorders. Left untreated, these mental health disorders can impact many areas of an adolescent’s life, such as academic achievement, employment, relationships, independence, and overall quality of life. When you partner with Conway Behavioral Health Hospital, you will have access to our full range of services. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the necessary care to help your child reach their goals in life.

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