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  • LCPC - Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
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Thank you for considering my TELEPHONE and IN PERSON Psychotherapy, Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching services. 
Instruction is also offered for Mindfulness, Meditation and Laughter Yoga.
Considering these personal services can feel like a big step, and a benefit of these services is having a safe person with whom you can work on your concerns.  You will be offered time set aside exclusively for you and you can rely on being listened to (and heard !!) respectfully, non-judgmentally, attentively and mindfully by someone who will recognize and value your uniqueness and your strengths. 
In our work together, you will be introduced to tools, strategies and techniques to help you to accomplish your goals and achieve lasting change.  Examples include homework "invitations", printed material, strength-based approaches, solution-focused methods, and present-moment and mindfulness practices.
TELEPHONE SERVICES are gaining popularity, and advantages of these services include lower fees than in-person services, more scheduling flexibility, convenience, no commute to the office (especially helpful for work travel, child care matters, transportation concerns, inclement weather, disability, distant location), eliminates encountering others in the waiting room, and feeling comfortable in your own familiar setting. 
I offer you my experience and training as a psychotherapist (with multiple certifications), life coach, hypnotherapist and meditation instructor with experience as an educator, trainer, author and consultant.   I also rely on personal experiences (cancer survivor, long-term recovery (20+ years -- alcohol, nicotine, adult child of alcoholism and other family dysfunction), successfully grieving my first husband's sudden death.  Some clients appreciate knowing that some of our experiences are similar and they feel understood in a different and deeper way. 
Personal characteristics which make me "me" such as creativity, a sense of humor and an extraordinary memory will enhance our work as I serve as your resource person, coach, mentor (and cheerleader of course !!)  
Services Offered
Psychotherapy, Counseling, Hypnosis and Life Coaching Services are available.  Long-term and short-term services are offered for issues such as:
* Addictions (Smoking, Alcohol, Shopping, Spending)
* Adult Children of Alcoholics and Other Family Dysfunction 
* Aging Parents/Caregiving
* Anxiety/Phobias/Fearful Flying/Fear of Public Speaking
* Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB's such as Hair Pulling/Trichotillomania, Skin Picking, Nail Biting)
* Body Image and Size Esteem
* Cancer
* Difficult Mother/Adult Daughter Relationships
* Grief
* Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Issues 
* Hoarding/Clutter/Chronic Disorganization
* Pain Management
* Relationship Issues
* Stress Management / Relaxation / Wellness  
Individual instruction is also offered for Mindfulness, Meditation and Laughter Yoga. 
Payment Options and Office Hours
Payment options include HSA, Flex Spending Accounts, Credit Card, Debit Card. 
Sessions are offered Monday through Saturday (with client-friendly hours) and are one hour in length.
Contact Information 
Please contact me at 630.263.8888 (phone/text) or or visit my website at so we can schedule a time to meet or to set up your FREE 15 minute "get acquainted" phone chat.  I look forward to being a part of your journey!!

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